Spain’s newest female bullfighter: from dancer to matador

Duration: 4.31

Conchi Rios is one of only four women out of 820 matadors fighting bulls in Spain.

The twenty-five-year-old former contemporary dancer spoke about what appeals in bullfighting to her and how she almost gave up trying to be a success in the male-dominated industry.

This film, originally published on 3 December 2016 on, that day become the fourth Most Watched Video on the BBC News website. It was also broadcast on BBC World News TV channel and a shorter version featured on the BBC news app for mobile.

The World’s Oldest Powerlifter

Duration: 4.17

Pensioner Svend Stensgaard had a thrilling career as an immigration officer in Denmark. But life in retirement just wasn’t exciting enough – so he took up powerlifting.

Now 93, Svend is the world’s oldest licensed powerlifter, entering top competitions across the world and lifting up to 150kg. Even a heart attack three years ago hasn’t stopped him.

This film, originally published on 9 February 2016 on, that day became one of the Most Watched videos on the BBC News website and it was broadcast on the BBC News TV channel.