Climbing frame or anti-terror device?

Duration: 2.27

Concrete anti-terror blocks – also known internationally as Jersey barriers or K-rails – are an increasingly common sight around the world following attacks using vehicles as weapons in locations such as London, Barcelona and Nice.

Now Danish urban gardner Mads Boserup Lauritsen, who works in Copenhagen, is turning the ugly blocks into a green alternative includes benches, plants, bike racks and even a children’s climbing wall.

This film, originally published on 26 October 2017 on and screened on BBC World News TV channel, that day became one of the Top Video Stories on the BBC News website.


Farewell Mashup of Barack Obama singing ‘My Way’

Duration: 4.34

“This is terrific fun.”

Andrew Buncombe, US editor of The Independent.

A lighthearted musical video to mark the end of US president Barack Obama’s eight years in office.

This film was originally published on The Huffington Post website on 10 January 2017, hours prior to Obama’s real farewell speech to thousands in Chicago.


Spain’s newest female bullfighter: from dancer to matador

Duration: 4.31

Conchi Rios is one of only four women out of 820 matadors fighting bulls in Spain.

The twenty-five-year-old former contemporary dancer spoke about what appeals in bullfighting to her and how she almost gave up trying to be a success in the male-dominated industry.

This film, originally published on 3 December 2016 on, that day become the fourth Most Watched Video on the BBC News website. It was also broadcast on BBC World News TV channel and a shorter version featured on the BBC news app for mobile.

The World’s Oldest Powerlifter

Duration: 4.17

Pensioner Svend Stensgaard had a thrilling career as an immigration officer in Denmark. But life in retirement just wasn’t exciting enough – so he took up powerlifting.

Now 93, Svend is the world’s oldest licensed powerlifter, entering top competitions across the world and lifting up to 150kg. Even a heart attack three years ago hasn’t stopped him.

This film, originally published on 9 February 2016 on, that day became one of the Most Watched videos on the BBC News website and it was broadcast on the BBC News TV channel.

Danish refuge for migrants struggles with budget cuts

Duration: 3.40

A short profile of ‘Trampoline House‘, a community centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, that provides services such as food, language classes and a social meeting place for asylum seekers and refugees. But a new centre-right government Denmark means budget cuts will impact the centre, or perhaps close it.

This video accompanied an article published on The Washington Post website on 19 December 2015, which can be read here.

Behold the Family Bicycle: electric motor, sidecar or cargo carrier

Duration: 2.31

In the world’s self-proclaimed bicycle capital, where half the population cycles regularly, manufacturers at Copenhagen Bike Show reveal their latest creations in a bid to boost flat cycle sales throughout Europe.

This film, originally published on 18 March 2015 on, on that day was the highest video entry in the Popular Now top ten page list throughout the website. The story’s corresponding article (behind a subscription paywall on can be read here.